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The unmistakable Ducati design is combined with Akrapovič’s skilful workmanship to get the most out of a slip-on system. The fully titanium exhaust developed in partnership with Ducati Corse boosts Panigale V4’s roar. An important investment in terms of torque and power unleashed, it also guarantees a reduction in weight compared to the standard exhaust. Equipped with a dedicated engine map and specific DTC, DPL and DWC calibrations to meet the specific needs of track use and guarantee maximum performance.

Match part no. 96481631A with part numbers 96481391A, 96481391B to keep noise within the limits set to 107 dB, for use on track.


Weight reduction [kg]

  • 4.0

Max. Power [hp]

  • +4%

Power at medium rpm [hp]

  • +4%

Max. Torque [Nm]

  • +3% (V4; V4S; V4S CORSE; 25° ANNIVERSARIO 916; V4SP); +4%(V4R)

Torque at medium rpm [Nm]

  • +4%
Accessory realized in cooperation with Ducati Corse

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